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Valentine’s Day: Blues

When the week end rolls around and you don’t have a date do you feel like you are missing out on something important in life? If so, you may be prone to the Valentine’s Day blues. If you feel like your worthiness is in any way connected to whether you are a part of a couple then you are vulnerable to the blues. So here’s a little tip: Change your mind. Yes, re-think what defines you and decide that no matter whether you are in a relationship or not you are worthy. You see, in our culture we are not only judged by our youth and beauty, we are judged by whether or not we are in a relationship. It’s crazy because it doesn’t matter whether we are in a healthy relationship or not…just that we are in a relationship. And just looking at this you can see that this isn’t right. First, you may be better off not in a relationship right now. Second, your worthiness is already established when you were born. You are automatically worthy just by being here. So accept it, my friend. You are worthy no matter what! Keep that smile and walk proud. Valentine’s day and the week end can pass without a moment of regret. Just make sure that you are being your True Self and do something you love.

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