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I’m Not Sure I’m In Love in San Diego & Encinitas – Therapist View One

Here is my view as a therapist in San Diego and Encinitas, a series of articles, on being in love. This is the first of three. Are you in love? Or are you in serious like? Love can be a confusing thing. There can be so many distractions. For example, are you in love/like with him or her because you share the same likes and dislikes? Are you seduced by their good looks or their power or their money or the fact that they want something you want like a family? Do you think you’re in love because of the incredible chemistry between you two? Is sex the greatest you’ve ever had? Is that love? Sometimes we think we are in love because it seems all the puzzle pieces fit together. Or that one puzzle piece is incredible. Even all of them fitting doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is right or if even you are in love. Joseph Campbell, the great humanist who wrote about symbols in our lives, says that when you find that right person for you that you know immediately. He said you know with your intuition. Do you think that’s true of everyone? Do you think it’s possible that not every one gets a chance at real love? What kind of person gets a chance at real love? And what is it. Let’s talk some more about these questions in the next article.

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