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Past Life Regression: How To Do It Yourself

If you know self hypnosis or simply meditate you can talk yourself back to a past life. But be warned, you must trust yourself, trust the first thing that comes to your mind/inner vision. Images or impressions may come instantly. They usually do. You must trust them and analyze later. If you are constantly doubting yourself and asking “Is this real or just an expression of my subconscious mind?” then you will self-defeat your regression. For the time being at least believe what you see/feel/hear/get.  So start by closing your eyes and calming yourself. Wait until some of the natural restlessness calms down. Then imagine that you are rising above the world into the far distant atmosphere looking down on the world. Then allow yourself to float down to where your “soul” wants you to go on the planet. Notice your environment. Look down and see what you have on your feet. Start to notice what is happening around you and who might be there. Very quickly you will get impressions. Trust them and go with them. Watch the story that unfolds. If you desire see yourself getting born, at age 5, at age 10, as a young adult, as a mature adult, and at your death. Observe the decisions and patterns this lifetime reveals. Ask what lesson you learned or still needed to learn. When you return to normal awareness simply let it sit on the burner and don’t judge it. See how it feels after a while.

Wendy Hill is a San Diego Counselor and Hypnosis Therapist.

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