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How To Identify A Two-Faced Narcissistic Parent by San Diego & Encinitas Therapist (One)

As a San Diego and Encinitas therapist I know that sometimes it’s difficult to identify if you are the child of a two-faced narcissistic parent. Narcissism can be hidden behind “good deeds.” When a client comes to my office for the first time I take their history. In taking a history, among other questions I ask a lot of questions about childhood. When it comes to asking about the parents I often hear things like, “everybody loves them” or “they are always doing nice things for others” or “people really look up to them” or “they often praised me in front of their friends” only to find my client to say later about that same parent, “I could never please them” or “I felt like I wasn’t good enough.” A narcissistic parent can have two faces: on that is public and one that is private. Since a person burdened with narcissism feels so insecure within themselves they have a great need to be seen in the most positive light possible. Therefore they have a “presenting personality” that can be the complete opposite from the personality their child sees. What seems positive and wonderful to the outside world can be dark and destructive to the child. Narcissism can be a secret disorder that causes great damage to their child. To learn more about narcissism check this website advice blog. To learn how to heal from the abuses of having a narcissistic parent click here:

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