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Life Purpose: Sue’s Story

There are always sacrifices we have to make when ever we make a change in our lives. One of the earmarks of living your life purpose is that the sacrifices are often made without regret and are sometimes made gladly. Some sacrifices are challenging and require courage. Sue’s story is an example of courage and faith. Sue was a recovering alcoholic in her fifteenth year of sobriety. She had met and married her husband while taking her first Twelve Steps with AA. While her husband was committed to his sobriety he was hesitant about doing his Steps and as a result his personal and spiritual growth was limited. He experienced many relapses over the years. Sue knew that to follow her dream she had to confront the negativity in her relationship with her husband. Repeated times in therapy and many attempts at negotiating healthier communication with him failed. Sue had to face her fear of abandonment and of going it alone. Finally Sue realized that to be true to herself she had to leave her marriage. She separated from her husband in hopes that he would be motivated by the split and do his personal growth work but without positive results. Sue was terrified of being alone. Her old core beliefs caused her to have visions of being homeless. She persevered through the fear feelings and confronted them like a warrior. Finally she felt safe enough to go it alone and filed for divorce.  Sue’s courage opened the door for a new life. It took some time and some intense therapy but Sue made it. She is now living her dream as a therapist. Amazing story.

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