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Life Purpose: The Divine Call

For some their life purpose is a call so powerful and all encompassing that to ignore it’s beckoning would mean certain catastrophic despair. So is the nature of the divine call. This call to action is at once both the most difficult and the most joyful. It asks that you sacrifice what your ego thinks it wants in order to follow a humble and rigid path dictated by the call itself. If this is done with great and sincere commitment the reward is joy, even bliss. You might think this is only for those who are called by some religious order. Actually, this call can come to any one and doesn’t necessarily have to do with religion. However, it does have to do with a powerful connection to that which is within each of us, the divine. The divine is that which is a reflection of our true nature beyond our human limitations. It is great, it is loving, and it is wise. To be called by this aspect of the self is truly a spiritual journey. The sacrifices made on this journey are often given joyfully in anticipation of the rewards promised. Those who are called by the divine within them will often tell you that they knew of this from the time they were children. If you are called by the divine you are blessed.

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