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Infidelity: The Case For Telling The Truth

Have you been unfaithful to someone you love and don’t know if it’s best to tell the truth or keep quiet? Here is the case for telling the truth. The next article will explore the case for staying quiet or telling a lie. Telling the truth about your infidelity will without doubt cause pain for your partner. It will also create problem that if not worked through may end the relationship or cause a continued lack of trust for the remainder of your relationship. There is an up side to telling the truth, however. If you and your partner have courage and a willingness to grow, telling the truth could be the starting point of creating a more loving and spiritualized relationship. Because infidelity can be so devastating it can serve as the pain in both of you that necessitates the cry for help that I write about. That cry from your hearts can open the door to examining and healing a multitude of as yet  addressed problems. These old and unacknowledged problems lie within the self and have been expanded to the relationship. They are the the secret resentments and unexpressed needs and desires. They are the unhealthy compromises you have made with your self and each other. Reaching out for help to a qualified hypnotherapist can reveal and open the door for healing in all these areas. Telling the truth is the beginning of establishing trust.

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