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Infidelity: Another Case For Telling The Truth

The consequences for having an affair can be devastating both for you and for your partner. The temptation for lying or keeping quiet may be strong. There are some compelling things to consider while determining whether you should tell the truth or not. On some level of consciousness your partner already knows of your affair(s). Some people may be more aware of your infidelity than others, but people just know. Some people don’t want to know and/or are already disposed to being in denial about many things in their lives. But make no mistake. Your partner knows. How do they know? Your energy has changed. The changes may be subtle, but you have changed. This means that everything from your body language to your habits to how you communicate to your temperament has changed and your partner is reading these changes. You may also be leaving some fairly obvious clues such as repeated telephone calls showing on your cell phone or additional miles on your car or charges on your credit card. People are also very sensitive, even psychic, in their perceptions. So if you keep quiet or tell lies when confronted you further deepen a distrust that can destroy the relationship. Telling the truth will erase any denial and will create new problems to solve but there will no longer be any mystery or self doubt in your partner. Perhaps something new can evolve that is healthy for the both of you.

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