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Infidelity: The Burden Of Guilt

When people begin an affair they rarely think of the consequences. Most just want to have the stimulating experience of having a new love or new sex or whatever is motivating the affair. They don’t stop to think, “Where is this going? What will be the affect on everyone including myself as this affair progresses and perhaps ends?” Most certainly most don’t think about the guilt they will experience when all is said and done. Some people can feel guilty the rest of their lives. Guilt can cause a person to seriously compromise themselves in a relationship. Guilt can cause people to say and do things that are not healthy for themselves or the relationship. John felt so guilty over his affair that when it ended he continually compromised himself in the relationship with his wife. He literally gave up his freedom of speech and need fulfillment. This caused John to feel less of a man and as a result sought another affair that eventually ended the relationship with his wife. Guilt caused Jim to tell his wife of a one night stand that would have been better a kept secret. The admission caused so much pain and confusion in his wife that she filed for divorce. If you are thinking of having an affair consider the consequences of your own guilt.

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