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How To Identify A Self-Centered Narcissistic Parent by San Diego & Encinitas Therapist (Three))

Are you a child of a narcissistic parent? Here is another way to identify if you are. I’m a therapist in San Diego and Encinitas and have in recent years an increasing number of clients who have the symptoms of having been raised by a narcissistic parent. In this series of articles about narcissistic mothers and fathers you can learn if you are wearing the scars of having been their child. Narcissists are completely self-centered and often are incapable of compassion or the ability to identify with another person’s feelings or the consequences of their behavior on others. Often a client who has been wounded by a narcissistic parent will say, “I know my mother/father may have loved me but I never felt loved.” A child won’t have words for his or her experience but will feel a profound sense of loss. They will not even be able to articulate their experience to themselves but will know intuitively that something terrible is happening to them. The narcissistic parent will often use their child as a trophy, giving many public compliments about their child or by pushing them to achieve. Privately they ignore their child in the most profound ways by never showing real love, compassion, patience, or healthy affection, although they may ‘smother’ their child with a false kind of affection. So, if you look back and can identify that you never really felt loved by your mother or father then it may be that you were raised by a narcissistic parent. Good therapy can be a wonderful salvation and cure for this deep wound. To learn more about narcissism go to

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