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Helpful Thoughts From A San Diego and Encinitas Therapist: How To Be Your True Self

Here’s a thought that may help you: When you want to feel connected and peaceful within, slow down, become quiet, and focus on God within yourself, not a God outside of yourself. Actually feel God in your body. Then let the joy rise.  Do this for a while every day. We are all becoming Masters.

Here’s another thought that may help you: It’s natural for us to “tune” ourselves to whomever we are with and allow their energy to become ours. For example, if they are agitated then you may become agitated. If they are anxious then you might become anxious, etc. Slow yourself down especially if their energy is strong and negative. When someone is angry that is your cue to really slow down so you can connect with yourself and not be thrown off course. Practice choosing your own energy. Practice being calm and centered when in the presence of others no matter what their energy. If they are mental “speeders” or are anxious or angry, slow yourself way down so you can be in control of your own experience. This will help you know what you want and set healthy boundaries for yourself.

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