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How To Identify A Helpless Victim Narcissistic Parent by San Diego & Encinitas Therapist (Four)

In this series on how to identify a narcissistic parent I will help you take a look at your childhood parenting and see if it reveals some insight that could lead to a healing of some past wounds. As a San Diego and Encinitas therapist I am committed to helping each of you on your road to happiness. It is my hope that this blog becomes a source of inspiration and help.

So here is clue number four: Often a narcissistic parent, in particular a narcissistic mother, will play the role of helpless victim. Often she/he will need to be served or helped in some way by her child. For example, the parent may be too tired or sick to do things and will require the child to become their servant and caretaker. The child then steps into the role of parent to the parent but with no power.  The child then becomes obligated to give up his or her own needs for care taking, attention, love, affection, or what they want to do or experience in their life. Everything becomes about the parent. This creates great conflict, guilt, and resentment. Sometimes the only thing that can break this trap is therapy.

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