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Hypnosis, Your Waistline, and More by R.D. Cooper

As we consider our new year’s resolutions, let’s do a quick review of those resolutions we made. If I were going to hypnotize somebody, to be successful I should start with a good intention for my client’s success. My intention would have been merged with my client’s clear intent for what they would like to accomplish with the assistance of hypnotherapy. The same is true for resolutions—there must be intent and resolve. It takes honest commitment to a plan since most resolutions require some modified behaviors.

Let’s say that the goal was to knock four inches off your waistline. Improving anything in our lives can pretty much follow the same process. Our process depends on our plan, and the plan depends on our level of commitment to improvement. I may decide that I’m just going to restrict my calories and if all else remains the same, and I cut calories, I should lose weight. That’s a plan. With just a little more effort, I can put together a comprehensive plan that provides a greater probability of success and the all-important “B” word—balance.

When I wanted to drop 25-30 pounds and 4-inches from my waist, I knew that I wanted it to be lasting within a routine that included healthy diet and exercise. I also chose to include a “mind exercise” that would help me envision precisely the “me” I wanted to be, along with all the benefits. Ultimate success likely depended upon that final component, which had not been part of a previous failed attempt. I consulted doctors in the fields of nutrition and exercise, and used self-hypnosis to anchor actions to a desired outcome. I was satisfied that I had an intelligent plan to work from.

I was correct; the intelligent plan made me more intelligent. A new study from the University of Pittsburgh conducted for over a decade with several hundred adults who walked six to nine miles a week, demonstrated that the exercise may stop your brain from shrinking as you age. That was good news for me because I was attempting to reverse my aging process.  I believe I can.

Professor Kirk Erickson explains, “Exercise increases the amount of blood going to the brain.”  “This means that more of the important nutrients necessary for the brain to function are distributed.”  The researchers found that the more participants walked, the more gray matter they retained.  The study also showed that grueling roadwork was not necessary, since the affect seemed to plateau at 9-miles per week. “Some loss of brain matter is normal with age,” Erickson says. “But with increased exercise, the parts of the brain that support memory function—the prefrontal cortex and the hippo-campus—are spared. It’s never too late to start exercising,” he adds. “Any amount you do will help.”

That’s the way it works with the wonderful human body which is always seeking to balance itself. That process is known as homeostasis. Jogging and walking daily was part of my routine. Knowing that walking would help reduce my waistline, I set a time that was most convenient.  Armed with the knowledge that walking is also beneficial to my memory, provided additional incentive and expectation.  Seeing how my improved brain function could be further enhanced with the imagery provided by my therapist cemented a process to deliver the results I desired.

If you imagine yourself becoming healthier, younger, stronger, smarter, and happier, it does become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  With persistence your new routine invents a more powerful you. There are many great websites to consult for diet and exercise. I like recommendations from Dr. Oz and Dr. Al Sears. Contact a local certified hypnotherapist for assistance in learning the art of self-hypnosis.  If you’ve tried and still didn’t reach your objectives, or fall back into an old comfortable and reliable yet unfulfilling pattern, it’s not impossible—you’re closer to a solution, and a competent therapist can help you discover what is blocking your progress.

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