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Three HUGE Mistakes Women Make In Love: # Three

Mistake number Three: “I don’t want to be alone so I’ll settle.”

Huge mistake number one is believing that your love will change your man’s character. Huge mistake number two is thinking that being “in love” is the best reason for staying in a relationship even if it’s not a healthy one.

And now for huge mistake number three: the fear of being alone driving you to settle for a relationship that is not best for you. How many times have you thought or heard someone say, “I don’t want to be alone when I’m old” and thinking that getting married or into a committed relationship will guarantee the you won’t be alone.

Well, there are several things to consider here. First, chances are you will be alone when you are old. Statistics show that a high percentage of people are. Even if you have children they may not live with you or even live in the same area. Your daily life may well be on your own. There are no guarantees.

Consider this also: we are basically alone from conception to death. Being with someone does not take away human loneliness.  To not be alone we must have a connection with our True Self, a spiritual connection that guarantees we will never be alone, even in death. A relationship were there is a mutual lack of this connection suffers a chronic sense of loneliness. This always leads to co-dependency and addiction.

Rule of relationship happiness: connect with your True Self then find and commit to someone who also has this connection within themselves. Don’t settle for less. Your happiness depends on it.

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