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I’m Afraid To Say What I Want Without Sounding Pushy

If you’re a woman it’s time to take a stand! Message me back and let me know what you think.

Are you afraid to tell the people in your life what you want? Are you a big people pleaser? Do you think that telling someone directly what you want is being pushy?

If you are a woman then saying directly what you want may be seen in our culture as being pushy. You might be described with a certain amount of hidden judgment as a “strong woman.” Well, my wonderful women friends, saying directly what you want coupled with a kind and gentle attitude is the best way to communicate your needs.  And doing that isn’t pushy. It’s confident. Confident to know what you want. Confident to be direct. Confident to be kind and considerate of others’ needs and wants.

Yes, some people may be surprised at your assertiveness. But do you really care about someone’s judgment if they themselves don’t take responsibility for communicating their needs?  One of the most powerful ways of increasing your happiness is communicating what you want in a win-win manner. Being direct and being considerate without any attitude whatever is golden! It will win you respect and it ups your chances of getting your needs filled. People do want to help you fill your needs. If you don’t tell them what you want then how are they to know? Are they to guess? Remember when you were a teen and thought people should automatically know what you wanted and do what was required to make you happy? Or was that just me?

Moral of the story: Say what you want. Say it with confidence. Say it without any attitude. Say it gently. Listen to what they want. Negotiate.

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