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Courage and Warrior Spirit

In May this year Aaron Linsdau, world class adventurer noted for his epic trek form Antarctic’s coast to the South Pole, climbed Denali in Alaska. This is one of his favorite pictures from his Denali climb watching a distant team of climbers headed up “Motorcycle Hill” from an 11,000 foot camp. Aaron is the physical, mental, and emotional expression of what I call “WARRIOR SPIRIT.” He is tall and lanky, not exactly what you would expect a world class athlete to look like. When I first met Aaron he said, “Look at me. Do I look like the kind of guy that would ski alone for over 80 days to the South Pole?” His point was that he uses mind over matter to achieve his goals….the goals some say are crazy. Aaron is not only an awesome athlete, he is a professional speaker who inspires people to pierce through their fears and objections to achieve what they previously considered impossible. That’s warrior spirit!
“To dream the impossible dream…” That’s Aaron. And given certain reasonable limitations, that’s you, too! You don’t have to ski to the South Pole or climb the highest mountain. Your dream might be to help cure cancer, write the most inspiriting lyric, be a leader for some worthy cause, start a new business, or to get a degree. Or it might be facing and conquering an addiction, making a connection with your highest self, telling someone you fear what you want, fight an illness, or face and confront a big problem. All these things take warrior spirit.
Warrior spirit is facing difficulty with courage. Courage is not the lack of fear. It is the willingness to persevere in spite of it. Anyone can choose to ignite their warrior spirit. Turn fear and self pity into positive action. You are not a victim unless you choose it. You are a true and joyful participant in life if you choose warrior spirit. Win or lose you have taken the high road. Blessings!

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