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Hope For Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

As our society has becomes increasingly more narcissistic in its attitudes and behaviors so has the fallout pain of being a child of a narcissistic parent. As a therapist I have had in recent years a distressing increase in clients who have recognized that at least one of their parents is narcissistic and that they themselves are suffering from a childhood riddled with shame, criticism, and dismissiveness. Even worse these adult children may be suffering from narcissistic and co-dependent tendencies, often without realizing that they may be the next generation to pass on the pain. The realization of being raised by a narcissistic parent may also be hidden behind the false perception that the parent loved and sacrificed for them. They cannot make the connect between their current pain and dysfunction as an adult and their childhood experience. It’s a tough thing to realize that the parent you depended upon for nurturing and survival was instead one who harmed you. But once you recognize that you have been raised by a narcissistic parent there is hope for recovery. Regression therapy is very helpful at bringing into the light the real story of your childhood and how it’s affecting you in the present. And therapeutic processes coupled with regression therapy help with the healing. If you are experiencing guilt, conflict in your relationships, feeling stuck and unable to free yourself from a co-dependent relationship, separate yourself from others, or feel unexplained depression or anxiety you may be a child of a narcissistic parent. Consider going into counseling with a regression hypnotherapist. Try a session and see what you may learn about your past and present and how you can change your life for the better…and have some genuine happiness.

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