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Addiction Cause Made Simple

What causes addiction? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. It doesn’t have to be explained in complex psychological language. The explanation of what causes addiction is simple. Here it is: addiction is caused by an on-going attempt to avoid uncomfortable emotions. That’s it in a nutshell.

Life is difficult. If we early on learn to face life’s difficulties then we will have learned a very valuable skill that will serve us the rest of our lives. If we don’t learn this skill then we are doomed to spend a life attempting to avoid our difficulties, losses, fears, betrayals, and whatever else life dishes out. And why is facing life’s difficulties so hard? It’s hard because life’s difficulties cause upsetting emotions. Fear, grief, despair, anger, hurt, guilt, shame, and rage are a few of the uncomfortable emotions we tend to avoid, often at any cost.

The most difficult emotions to face and feel are the ones from the past, in particular those from childhood losses and wounds that we have consciously forgotten or trivialized. This is were hypnotherapy comes in handy. With hypnosis you can go back and retrieve forgotten or trivialized memories and face them, feel them, and the leave them behind.

Again, simply put, learn to face your problems, including those from the past, and feel the emotions that go with them. Yes, they will be uncomfortable and maybe even feel overwhelming at times. But by facing them and feeling them you heal them. Then you can move on without the need to escape them. Your addiction will leaver you. You will be free.

Do you want to learn more? Consider hypnotherapy from a seasoned hypnotherapist. Perhaps give me, Wendy Hill, Ph.D. a call and let’s talk about how hypnotherapy can free you from your addiction.

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