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He/She’ s Always On The Phone or IPad! Help!

Is your best friend, significant other, husband, or wife always technologically absent?  Are you so focused on your techno-toys that you can’t see the forest for the trees? Join the 21st century! It seems we are all walking along, heads down, not watching where we are going or who may be with us as we concentrate on the fascinating possibilities of our phones, computers, and iPads. What is this? Have we forgotten we are social beings…I mean flesh and blood social beings? Not just social on some small computerized screen. It seems as though people are walking about as isolated entities wrapped up on some focus so seductive as to cause them to ignore the most important things in life…living in the present. Have we forgotten to enjoy the moment? Have we forgotten how to relate to, smile at, and be kind to the person next to us? Or is that little gismo in your hand more important than what’s happening in real time?

OK, try this experiment. For a few minutes a day when you find yourself wrapped up in your techno-gismo, stop yourself and sniff the air, feel your environment, look around you, smile at the people nearest you. Consider that one of the reasons you came to earth is to love and be loved. Seek that. You are not an island. You are a part of a wonderful experience….separate from your techno-gismo…even if there are people on it consider that they are virtual….not flesh-and-blood in the moment real.

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