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Help! We’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

Has your relationship entered that silent heart-breaking phase of no more “loving’ feelin’?” Could it be the two of you have grown apart? Have you stopped communicating? Is one of you caught up in some consuming activity or concern? Has something changed in one of your lives? Is there addiction involved? What is the maturity level of you both? Have one of you experienced a loss?

Relationships go up and down. Good times and bad times are normal. Things are always changing and outside change can create challenges in a relationship. Ask yourself the above questions. You may find the reason for the change in feelings and that may lead you to a resolution. Remember, too that there are times that a relationship needs to ‘breathe’, that is have a little distance so you can individually re-balance and re-find yourselves. Don’t fret. Just be patient and be mindful of any changes going on.

There is one other factor that can influence a relationship profoundly. That is what your maturity as a couple and those things that bind you together. It is impossible for two immature people to maintain a lasting relationship that is healthy and satisfying. A healthy relationship is always linked by not just common interests but a spiritual commitment to a higher power that guides you both to treat each other with loving respect.

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