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Science Proves Your Smile Effects Other’s Brains!

Your smile is a powerful thing! I used to be one of those people who didn’t smile much. People would say, Wendy, you have a beautiful smile. Why don’t you smile more often? For years I never got the message. What a waste! Then finally I did get the message. So I decided to start smiling. At first it was a conscious effort and felt strange and a little phony. But the results it brought were stunning! People smiled back and that felt good. People treated me better, were more friendly, and were more apt to be helpful. Then I began to notice the best thing of all. My smile made a visible difference in people’s lives. I could see that for that moment (and maybe beyond) my smile changed something inside of them that made them happy. A sad face or a grumpy face transformed into a look that said, “I needed that. Thanks for the love.” When I first stared noticing that gratitude I was deeply moved. To see something so simple that I can give for free and with little effort have such an impact on another human being  has transformed me. The scientific truth of it is that when you smile it not only changes your brain chemistry but it changes the brain chemistry of the person seeing your smile. Amazing! Something happens in us when a sincere smile, one with genuine love and sparkle in the eye happens that gives a moment of healing and happiness. So, smile, my friends. Pass on the love. It’s easy.

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