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Why Love Chemistry Is Nature’s Dirty Little Trick

Do you think that if you have chemistry with someone that means you should be together? Or at the very least have sex with that person? Well, perhaps…if you tend to be impulsive. But consider that chemistry may well be Nature’s dirty little trick to have you do just that…have sex…and not for your emotional or spiritual growth. Chemistry in itself is responsible for many a relationship’s exciting beginning and it’s devastating ending. You see, chemistry doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be together. In fact, it may be an indication that you shouldn’t be together. Odd! Here’s why: chemistry with someone may be telling you that what attracts you to that person is something about yourself that needs examining. For example, the good girl being attracted to the bad boy may mean that the good girl needs to empower herself to be more confident. Two really beautiful people attracted to each other may mean that they need to examine the shallowness of their attraction and develop more depth of character. Two people who like to party a lot may be attracted to their “party personalities.” A relationship based on drinking is asking for disaster. So chemistry with another person may mean you need to look at what is missing in yourself. Better to examine that than to get into a relationship that will cause you heartbreak and pain. Don’t you think? Or perhaps you need to have the actual experience of the heartbreak to learn. Most of us do.

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