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Unhealthy Boundaries

Boundaries are the limits you place of whatever happens in your life. Your boundaries define how you behave and what you allow yourself to experience. It also defines what you allow others to do and how you respond to certain behaviors and situations.  Your boundaries can be a reflection of your ethics. Your boundaries say “yes” or “no” to your every day experiences. Healthy boundaries support happiness. Unhealthy boundaries undermine your happiness. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m allowing (experiencing, doing) right now what I want? Is it good for me? Is it the right thing?” Examples of healthy boundaries might be never engaging in a toxic argument, never having more than one drink, helping your children with their homework, taking daily shower, meditating in the evening, or returning phone calls in a timely manner. Some healthy boundaries may be what I call “non-negotiables”. For example one of my “non-negotiables” is going for a walk every morning. Examine your habits with yourself and others. Do they support your happiness? Having healthy boundaries may not always be easy but they are worth the trouble.

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