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When you are upset or excited do you have difficulty controlling your impulses? Do you say or do things you regret later? If so you may have difficulty with impulse control. A part of maturing is learning to step back from your automatic emotional responses and react with wisdom. If you frequently indulge yourself in instant gratification you can be prone to inappropriate  impulsiveness. You can learn to control your impulses. It just takes a little concentration and a desire to do the right thing. I often have clients who come in to a session feeling guilt and regret for something they said or did that hurt another or got themselves into hot water. Often this is because they have not yet faced or dealt with their underlying upsetting emotions from the past. Denied anger, grief, fear, and guilt can build up in the subconscious mind and seek a way of expressing itself through impulsiveness. If you feel you cannot control your impulses then consider getting some good therapy to release underlying conflicting emotions. It’s all doable. Find your happiness. You deserve it.

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