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Addiction Treatment In San Diego & Encinitas

There is a clinic in San Diego and Encinitas called CentrePoint, Inc. for addiction treatment. Go to to learn more. Addiction is a way of avoiding your conflicting emotions. By indulging in something that offers temporary comfort and distraction you can delay feeling what you don’t want to feel. Even though what you are addicted to promises comfort it also promises a moment in time when the comfort leaves and then you are stuck with your feelings again. Indulge in your addiction often enough and you can avoid your feelings pretty effectively. The down side of addiction, of course, is the havoc it causes in your life. Addiction requires so much of you that you become neglectful of important things. Your health, finances, relationships, self esteem, and career can suffer severely. Some people are “functional addicts” and seem to be able to pull off what looks to be a responsible life. But the very heart of you is compromised. Addiction can be broken if you are willing to face those uncomfortable feelings and what caused them. Once you do that you become free of the need to escape from your feelings. There is freedom on the other side.

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