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How To Handle A Bully Part Three

Sometimes there isn’t time to think about how you are going to handle a bully situation and you have to think on your feet. Sometimes the situation requires you to garner your courage immediately. Actually practicing standing up to a bully in your imagination before the situation occurs can help you get a spine when the time comes. Say for example someone is insulting you or making fun of you. Yes, you could choose to ignore it and walk on. Or you might have one of those amazing minds that is able to come up with a come back like in the movies that shuts your bully up. But most of us are not that quick or that clever. So instead of just walking away and pretending that you don’t hear or that it doesn’t bother you her is a possible response. Slow way down. Slow down your mind, your emotions, and your body. Turn slowly and look your bully in the eyes. Take a step toward him/her. Don’t let your eyes waver. Look directly at him/her.  Say, “STOP IT.”  Keep your voice low and strong with authority. (Practice doing that right now until you feel powerful.) Then turn and walk away. This will put the message across that you mean business. You don’t have to creep away or issue a threat. You are telling them that you don’t like what they are doing and to stop. The more you take responsibility and show some guts the more you will be respected. Most bullies will stop. Email me if you have a special bully situation and I will help you address it.

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