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How To Handle A Bully Part Four

Sometimes we humans are plagued by a feeling of powerlessness that keeps us from taking the stand we need to take for ourselves. So when it comes to standing up to a bully you may feel you have no strength to do so. Those feelings of helplessness come from actual experience in the past when you were helpless or powerless to do what you needed to do. The younger you were the more power the experience (or condition) you experienced has over you. For example, say when you were a child your parents fought. You had no power to tell them to stop so you had to endured their fights. During those moments you felt powerlessness because you were. This feeling of powerlessness can continue through life. Even though you are no longer a child living under those conditions those old feelings can still run you. Here is a process you can do yourself that will help. (If this gets too intense consider getting a counselor that specializes in regression to help you.) Close your eyes and go back to a time in your past when you felt powerless. The younger you are the better. Once you see what’s going on that made you feel helpless, imagine that your current adult self is entering the scene and is taking a stand for the child you. Tell whoever or whatever to STOP. Say it out loud. You will find that this helps heal the past and gives you power in the present. Now you can stand up to a bully.

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