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How To Handle A Bully Part Two

Bullies are bullies because they feel helpless deep inside themselves. Most bullies will back down if confronted directly. However some bullies are so fear and shame based that their egos won’t allow them to back down and those bullies can become dangerous. On an intuitive level you know who you can confront and who you cannot confront directly. The trick is getting in touch with that intuitive part of yourself so you can make wise decisions. Meanwhile, here is a suggestion that may help. When you are confronted by a bully and are considering taking a stand ask yourself what you are going to say or do and then ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if you say or do that. Then ask yourself what is likely to happen. Once you ask yourself these questions ask yourself if you are willing to accept the possible likely results. In doing this you are facing your own personal dragons and may find that things are not as bad as you may have thought. For example, telling a bully to stop what he is doing may cause someone you like to feel disappointed in you. In facing this dragon you may realize that it’s alright for that person to be disappointed in you. You may decide that it’s worth the sacrifice in order to feel good about yourself. Facing bullies may be a good exercise in developing your own character. Remember, you are worth the fight.

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