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Goal Setting Two: Make It Realistic

When you are setting your goals take a few minutes to reflect on what your life would be like when you reach them. Will you like what you will experience? Does it fit all or most of your needs? Once you become clear on what you want to achieve be very specific about what that is. Write down your goals. Don’t demand to much of them. Make them realistic. For example, don’t have a goal that requires too much of your time or resources. If you are a working mother don’t ask so much of yourself that you compromise the quality of your parenting or work. If you are already committed to many things either cut back on those things or make your goals realistic in terms of time and ability to achieve them. There is virtue in shooting for the stars, in dreaming wonderful dreams about your future, and wanting the best for yourself and those you love. Just make sure that you are not setting yourself up for disappointment. Go within yourself and ask your “knowing self” to help guide you to desiring what is right. Make it wonderful but make it realistic. You deserve to have a wonderful life and how you set your goals is a huge factor in how your life plays out.

Wendy Hill, MA is a San Diego counselor and hypnosis therapist specializing in goal setting and core beliefs. She practices hypnotherapy and psychotherapy that treat the cause of conflict.

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