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Goal Setting One: Your Thoughts Create

Why set goals? Because when you set a goal you actually call upon your mind to put into action something you want. In other words you think in a focused way. Focused thinking is the beginning of creation. Your thoughts create, they manifest what can become real. Saying, “I wish I could…,” or ” wouldn’t it be great if…,” or “George has…, what a lucky guy,” are clues of what you could want. So do a little soul searching and ask yourself what you do want. Then sit down and write it down. As you write, your thoughts will become more and more focused. You may find you don’t actually want what you thought but instead want something different. Keep writing and focusing until you are clear. Then set a plan of action.  What, when, how, in what sequence. You will be surprised to see how just a wish can turn into a tangible thought that can lead to action that can actually create something real. Your thoughts create and the more emotion and commitment you put into your thoughts the more likely you will create something. And as they say, be careful what you think and how much emotion you put into your thoughts. You are creating whether you know it or not.

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