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Order and Simplicity

Order and Simplicity 1ORDER AND SIMPLICITY in your life can help bring you peace of mind. Some of us grow up in families filled with dramas, emotional upheavals, and over passionate opinions. We become used to a restless state of mind and without realizing it becomes a way of life. You may be carrying anxiety from long ago established habits that you have unconsciously carried forward. By examining and observing how you think, feel, and react you can become more aware of yourself and can make choices to think and react differently. Do you tend to take things personally? Do you feel guilty or shamed if something goes wrong? Do you think you have to make everything OK for other people? Do you measure your value by how you think others view you? If so you may be reacting to conditions from long ago when you but a child living in an emotionally dysfunctional family. Know this: you can change how you feel inside by understanding the origin of your restlessness. Gradually you can create order and simplicity in your thinking and consequently create a more calm existence. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: What was meal time like when I was a child? How did I feel coming home from school? What was it like being with mother and father (or whomever raised me)? If the mother and father I knew as a child walked into my room right now how would I feel? The answers to these questions may give you some insight as to how much drama and/or dysfunction was in your family as a child. this can be an opening door to your finding order and simplicity in you life currently.

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