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The Problem With Millennials

I am a baby boomer who has lived through and had an entirely different set of experiences from millennials. I was brought into a more “innocent” world where there was more trust of authority and less information to process. Yes, we did have “drugs, sex, and rock and roll” and our hippie rebellion, not to mention the Vietnam War.  But with all that it was much simpler to make decisions and to succeed.

Millennials were introduced into a world where so much information, social media, too many choices, and so much economic and political turmoil has created confusion and near shut down of trust and hope the for future. Many millennials feel overwhelmed with indecision and confused values.

Look to those who came before you for help. You millennials are the generation who will make and are making highly influential decisions. Your attitudes and habits are having a huge impact on the world. You deserve to and need to be happy human beings.

I am a life coach and psychotherapist with many years of experience. I know what your parents and grandparents are thinking. They are worried about you and your future. For good reason. Albert Einstein said that technology has the power to create a generation of idiots…people who cannot think on their own and who have not found the power of connecting to their true character. I, too, care about you and your future. If you are reading this you may be a parent or grandparent or friend to a millennial and want to know how to help. There are definite ways you can help but it will require your willingness to be involved and to mentor your millennial. They are resistant but will respond to your love. Get involved. Mentor them. They are our future.

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