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Executive Coaching is in Dr. Wendy Hill’s DNA

Dr. Wendy Hill has been an active professional in leadership coaching, executive coaching, corporate coaching, and management coaching for well over thirty years. Her extensive understanding of the psychological impact on individuals employed in high authority careers coupled with her strong background in business qualifies her as a premiere coach. Her clients seek her advice for a myriad of challenges. Some just need someone to bounce ideas around. Some are in burn out and are in immediate need of direction. Some are in transition professionally and need her guidance and insight. Some are dealing with partner disharmony and are concerned about the company breaking up or suffering as a result. Some are caught in an addictive cycle and need serious help in becoming ‘clean’ again. Some are recognizing that their personal life is suffering as a result of the constant demands of being a corporate head. Some are simply unhappy and seek Dr. Wendy’s advice and wisdom on how to become balanced and enjoying life again.

Dr. Wendy Hill has a unique ability for listening. She not only listens patiently and with great focus, she can read between the lines and feedback to her client what they do not realize they have revealed to her. In doing so Dr. Wendy is able to give feedback and ask questions that open new doors for clearer thinking and conflict resolution. She realizes that asking the right questions if of major importance to helpful coaching. Dr. Wendy intuitively knows what to ask. She can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ her client’s needs and responds immediately with helpful feedback.

The following is a quote that Dr. Wendy wrote for her website. She speaks of a lifetime of preparation for her career as a professional coach to high-level executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders. Her experiences have trained her mind to be extraordinarily alert to the thinking patterns of others.

“Since birth I have been surrounded by successful business people. My father, a physician, and my two brothers, a CEO engineer, and a small business owner, are highly successful entrepreneurs. My grandparents helped start the famous tourist attraction Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles and ran their food and nut meats business there until my grandparents retired. I spent my college summers working for them and for my father in his busy medical practice. I have owned and run my own business as coach, mentor, confidant and counselor for over 30 years. I have degrees in psychology, human behavior, and hypnosis, and have studied the core beliefs of highly effective people. I have worked with hundreds of respected leaders, business owners, and CEOs. I have an inside and therefore a deep understanding of the stresses and needs of the successful executive both from a business and from a psychological perspective.”

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