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CEO Coaching for Stress

CEO Coaching for Stress 1

Top executive coaches, you’ve probably already experienced that it’s lonely at the top. Whether you are a seasoned CEO or just been at it for a little while, you have had the taste of that famous loneliness and the stress that goes with it. Sometimes there is no one to talk to about your experience, your thoughts, and your challenges. You know you can’t talk to your employees or your board or even your friends and family.

The stresses of everyday corporate life can wear on you and eventually cause burnout.

How can you deal with stress productively? Talk to someone who is an experienced professional. A business leadership coach. A coach for top executives. A good coach should have extraordinary listening skills and the ability to hear what you don’t know you are saying and feed it back to you. She (that’s me, Wendy Hill, Ph.D.) will be able to challenge you to grow in your thinking in ways you hadn’t considered. She will be skilled in the art of asking the right questions. She will not ramble on giving advice you have already considered. She will come to intimately know the challenges and stresses of your business. She will persevere with you until you have resolution after resolution.

In a recent breakthrough session with one of my clients, it became clear that a major stress for that client was the need for the highest quality control of his product. His need for this control was so high that he seldom gave himself a break. He was on the phone, on the computer, and in the production warehouse many hours beyond what was actually necessary. By the time we had the conversation he was in burn out, binging on alcohol, and disconnected from his family. He was joyless, confused, and angry at himself. To find his way back to being the excellent leader he once was we had to look at not only the conditions that led him to his burnout but to explore his core beliefs about himself that caused him to push himself to this point. As we worked tirelessly together we began to unravel the enormous pressure he had placed on himself.

If you can relate to his dilemma perhaps you are ready to contact me and get yourself free of the stresses that may be driving you. Consider my breakthrough session. I guarantee you that within just an hour or two on the phone or in person with me you will have a genuine breakthrough that will help you today. Don’t keep going without addressing your stresses. They can cause you and your family undue damage. Executive business coaching with me can help set you free.

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