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Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

• Create the reality you really, really want
• Be inspired to feelings of youthful exuberance
• Transform your core beliefs into beliefs that truly serve you

Together we can make a difference in your life and in the world.
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I am an expert counselor and mentor of leaders. I will help you reinstate balance and renewed inspiration and enthusiasm for your work and life. I specialize in identifying and transforming the subconscious core beliefs that cause personal and professional road blocks to productivity and well-being. I have experience as a psychotherapist and consultant to hundreds of highly productive men and women over a 35 plus year span. I help transform the seemingly insurmountable complexities of personal and professional relationships and help restore harmony on a deep and lasting level.

Is This You?

You are a male or female age 45 to 65 having already achieved a high level of professional success who is experiencing conflict. You may have personal relationship discord, depression, anxiety, or addiction over which you feel you have little control. You may be in transition, feel burned out or bored with your professional life and want something that brings you back to life and inspires you to a feeling of youthful exuberance. Whatever your discomfort you are willing to take responsibility for your happiness and are seeking guidance. You are willing to spend the time, effort, and money needed to achieve your goal.

This Is What You Will Get:

  • Over a 6 month period you will attend 3 one-on-one in-person retreats lasting between 3 and 5 days in my Encinitas office or at my Idyllwild, California retreat
  • Full accessibility to me and follow up by telephone or in-person meetings between retreats
  • Notebook of original educational and inspirational readings and digital copy of my book, The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life
  • Assignments given to you that require reading, thought, action, and self evaluation


  1. Identify the self-defeating road blocks and patterns that cause pain and disharmony
  2. Reveal the nature of core beliefs and early life decision-making and their impact on all things in current life
  3. Identify currently active self-defeating subconscious core beliefs, decisions, and patterns utilizing regression and other processes that dig deep into the subconscious mind
  4. Processes that release unconscious fear, guilt, hurt, and shame that when released you automatically experience a burden lifted from you and you are able to move forward in ways previously blocked
  5. Support in making new core decisions that sustain healthy adult experience
  6. Revisiting and upgrading behaviors and communication styles and patterns into win-win conduct on a professional and personal level
  7. Processes that harmonize professional and personal relationships through new truly helpful attitudes and beliefs, communication, and positive action
  8. Processes that access a personal spiritual connection that can infuse all actions and relationships
  9. Implement, reinforce, and deepen the new skills and healthy attitudes and decisions into real life behaviors through continued assignments and dialogue


Wendy Hill, Ph.D. “She got right to the heart of the matter and gave me clarity and direction. Dynamite!”

Telephone, Skype, In Person
Located in Encinitas, California



Manifesting with Dr. Wendy Hill
You already manifest what your core beliefs dictate. Now Dr. Wendy helps you manifest the very best of what you want. She has worked with hundreds of leaders over the past 35+ years. She focuses on the helping you create core beliefs that empower responsible and powerful leadership. She helps you recognize and pass through the mental blocks that have kept you from your highest goals. Her multidisciplinary trainings are in the fields of psychology, business, and leadership. Her mentoring is not just about “how to” be a happier person. It’s about “being” the essence of an inspired and responsible human being. Once you live that within yourself you cannot help but manifest it with everything in your life. Being the right you ultimately wins overall.

“Dr. Wendy has an approach that is different and in my opinion superior to any other approach I have experienced. Her insights, compassionate directness, and persistent drive to help me be a better leader has paid off. Not only is my business thriving but my entire life is more joyful.”  Peter Johnson, Victoria, B.C.


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