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Depresssion Twelve-2: Money

Your relationship with money is a very important factor in establishing your well-being. Too much money can cause problems in money management, trust of others’ motives, perpetuating greed, and some of the agonizing social situations it can present. Too little money can be devastating, leading to homelessness, poor health, even death. In fact the leading cause of death is poverty. Those who are happiest are those who have found a middle ground with money. They don’t strive to have too much, don’t obsess over how much they have or don’t have, and have created a form of income that sustains, plans for the future, and offers some room for fun and entertainment spending. There are those, however, who seem to be out of money no matter how hard they try to be successful. They tend to undermine themselves continuously and offer unending excuses for their lack of success. These folk have a constant undercurrent of depression and do those who tend to have too much money. In your life find a philosophy that allows you to have money but not to obsess over it or to greedly hunger for more. If you don’t have enough money then stop making excuses and ask yourself what core belief you may have that prevents you from moving ahead. Don’t allow money to be the focus of your life. Allow it to support you and then let go and focus on your calling.

Wendy Hill, M.A., Ph.D. candidate (2013) has been in private practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas for over thirty years. As a therapist and counselor Wendy specializes in transforming self-defeating core beliefs. Her therapy includes using hypnosis and counseling to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, relationships, self-confidence, and life challenges. Her website is

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