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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Thirteen

Learn how your high impact moments and certain events and conditions can shape your personality and literally how you see and react to everything in your life. These moments can be so powerful as to affect you the rest of your life without you even being aware of it. The more conscious you are of what happened to you as an infant, fetus, and as a child, the more control you have of your life.

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High Impact Moments

A high impact moment is an isolated experience that is both stressful and emotionally charged. The stress can be either positive or negative. During a high impact moment you have an intense thought—a high impact thought. The thought can be an automatic reaction. Normally you do not analyze the thought nor do you even note that you are having the thought. You simply have the thought. This thought is highly influential and becomes a core belief. As far as your subconscious mind is concerned, what you thought is reality. Even if the high impact experience that caused the thought is over or changes or is perceived in a completely different way only minutes later, it can still become a core belief. The stress and emotion of that moment lock the thought into the subconscious mind.

Events And Conditions

An event, like a high impact moment, is an isolated experience that can be positive or conflicting. They are usually of longer duration. The following are examples of conflicting events: a freak storm, a visit by a feared relative, an accident, or overhearing an upsetting conversation. Your life is filled with events. You respond to each event with thoughts and emotions. It is when the conflicting event is highly stressful, creating strong emotion, and you have an intense thought, that it becomes a high impact moment.

A condition is a series of on-going events that are similar in their nature. The following are examples of conflicting conditions: tension in the family, chronic illness, poverty, or addiction. Conditions can contain many high impact moments that can affect you. The events that take place during a condition can reinforce an already existing core belief.


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