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Core Beliefs: Your Original Programming Eleven

Your core beliefs were formed very early, some say before the age of four, some say in the womb. When you were young you were defenseless, vulnerable, and extremely suggestible. Whatever happened around you and to you had a profound affect. Your sensitive mind interpreted events and conditions very personally and during those high impact moments you made decisions…momentous decisions. Beginning here learn about your inner child and try some ideas shared here.

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Your Inner Child

You have a child self within you. Your child self or inner child is all your memories, emotions, experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of being a fetus, infant, and child. No matter how long you live you will always have an inner child that influences you. You must always be aware of your inner child if you are to understand yourself fully. In this guide you will be asked to connect with your inner child many times.

Try This:  Photographs

Old photographs will help you connect with your inner child. You will come to honor your inner child with love, compassion, and understanding. Truly knowing your inner child will open your heart and open the door to a better life.

1. Find several photographs of yourself as an infant and child. Select photographs of yourself alone or cover other people in the photos so you can see only yourself.

2. Study the photos. Find the innocent child that you were. Look into your eyes and see if you can connect with your child self with compassion.

3. Put the photos in places where you will see them often. For example, put them on bathroom and dressing table mirrors, on the refrigerator, on your desk, by your bed, or on your car visor.

4. Whenever you see your photo reflect on the fact that you are looking at someone who is worthy and deserves to be empowered, loved, healthy, happy, and successful.

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