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Addiction and Alcoholism Retreat Restores Quality Life

Wendy Hill, Ph.D., therapist and chief of staff at Falling Leaf Retreat in Idyllwild, California, reports high success rate after over 30 years conducting addiction and alcoholism workshops. Wendy works with her clients on a one-on-one basis at CentrePoint, Inc. located in Encinitas in North San Diego County and offers her intensive workshops at Falling Leaf Retreat in Idyllwild. Wendy’s processes focus on identifying and transforming the subconscious self-defeating core beliefs set early in life that support addictive behavior. Wendy is skilled at seeing and helping break through her client’s defenses. One client describes her as having “uncanny insight laced with inspiration and great compassion.” Wendy works only with small groups at Falling Leaf Retreat. The retreat itself is “an upscale and lovely enviroment surrounded by forest and mountains with a short walk to town.”

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