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Come On – Be Happy By R.D. Cooper

I was once introduced in Las Vegas as “the happiest hypnotist on the planet”. That particular feeling we experience seems to provide an inner peace and completion. It’s intangible. It’s abstract. It can’t be seen or touched—only experienced. And we all strive to be “happy” and desire that for our children of the world. My Vegas hypnosis show introduction was a “set-up” so I could tell the audience that “I wasn’t always that way”. Beyond entertainment, the true purpose of the evening was to permit the opening of a door to something elusive.

Perhaps you’ve tried your best to focus on living a full life, but wonder why happiness still so often remains hidden just out of reach. Maybe you’ve even attained great recognition and wealth as a result of reaching your goals, yet still can’t find happiness. Aymee Coget, Ph.D. has studied happiness for over two decades; it is her life work. She has reported that Americans consider happiness more important to them than money, moral goodness, and even going to Heaven. Surveys also found that at any given time, about a fourth of our population is depressed, and that on average, only 69% of America “is happy”.

37% of those on the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans are less happy than the average American. The world’s population is less than 65% happy, and 14% of the nations on Earth are less than 50% happy. Just a couple more stats—American Children feel happy 52% of the time, neutral 29%, and unhappy 19% of the time. Americans earning more than $10 million annually are only slightly happier than average Americans.

Back to me. And because it’s “me”, it’s about you because happiness is something I’m serious about. That’s funny—I’m serious. Picture that serious face. It doesn’t look like the happy face does it, but I want you to be able to be seriously happy. Because I wasn’t up until I was, and because hypnosis is responsible, my life now involves serving others in a way that they can recognize their own ability to find happiness as an eternal gift.

I intuitively always knew that it was a choice. Somehow that magical city of Las Vegas, so full of possibility but also illusion, re-enters my story for it was there I remember first telling my children that they had a choice—“you can be happy or you can be sad; which do you prefer?” Even as small children this logic was accepted. Unfortunately at that time I didn’t know why I knew that, or understand the mechanics of how to teach others. Needless suffering ensued. I didn’t understand what truly mattered most. Like “wanting to be happy”, don’t we all think we know what matters most? What if we’re wrong?

When that voice in your head tells you that you’re not happy, it could be because unconscious core beliefs established very early in your childhood still direct your adult life. Actually, let’s change “could be” to “is” because nobody is exempt; it’s called being human. Enter the extraordinary world of the subconscious mind where a competent hypnotherapist can guide you through events and in the process un-conceal the greatest of gifts—access to your full potential by opening an awareness for the conscious mind that previously was blocked and out of sight. We each are entitled to be who we were always meant to be. If happiness is elusive, perhaps you have not yet discovered the true purpose of the completely unique extraordinary you. There is a process and program available that provides hope and makes it a choice. You need not suffer if you are, and every person can benefit from the services of a competent mind-guide. Hypnosis is a state of mind, where inner truth you’re sure to find.  Hey come on, get happy!

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