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Choose To Know

Do you find yourself saying, “I don’t know” frequently? By saying these words to yourself and others you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position. We do know the answers to everyday questions like how we feel, what we want, what we fear, what brings us pleasure, what we can expect, what we are willing to do, and what choices are right for us. By taking a moment and considering the question at hand you are going to get the answer and then you can say or do whatever is most helpful or best for the situation. By relinquishing your “knowingness” you allow others or fate to make decisions for you, sometimes what are major life decisions. You may think that not knowing is being the nice or the polite thing to do. “I don’t know where to go on vacation. You choose,” can lead to future resentment and feelings of being controlled by others. I had a friend who would say, “You do whatever you want. I’m fine with whatever you choose,” and later I would learn that he felt resentment because he felt I always had to have everything my way. Eventually my friend’s unwillingness to take responsibility for what he wanted created so much tension in the relationship that the friendship simply dissolved.

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