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Addiction Story: Medication For Personal Pain

Char had a lot of good things going for her. She had a great job as a nurse, an awesome singing talent, very little debt, a nice place to live, and people who cared about her. However on a daily basis most of Char’s blessings were overlooked by her constantly taking things personally. If someone didn’t return her call right away, if someone didn’t invite her to a gathering, if someone didn’t praise her for something she did, if someone said something she didn’t agree with Char would take it personally. In fact, most of the time Char misinterpreted most of what others said to her. She could only hear rejection or criticism…even if it was a compliment. This terrible habit has robbed Char’s happiness. Every day after work Char would go home and think, “Another crappy day” and drink. Char was medicating herself for her personal pain. What Char didn’t realize was that she was following a pattern she observed her mother act out. From early childhood Char watched her mother get her feelings hurt then turn to drinking to medicate herself. Unconsciously Char was doing the same thing. If Char only realized that was what she was doing she could begin to change this bad habit and start enjoying life. If you are like Char in any way, I encourage you to seek out counseling. Just a couple of sessions can change your life.

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