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Addiction Story: Lena’s Secret Drinking

Lena at sixty-five had everything she wanted. She lived in a four thousand square foot immaculate home in an upscale neighborhood on three acres. She had a bank account and investments that would last through several generations. She had a beautiful wardrobe, a maid that cooked and cleaned for her, plenty of friends, a dead husband who left her still more money, extensive travel at her finger tips, and whatever she wanted she could have. And yet Lena drank every day. White wine was her choice. She rationalized that white wine was the alcohol she could consume without thinking she had a drinking problem. Always prim and proper, big smile, make up perfect, dressed in designer clothing or at least very expensive off the rack, Lena always presented her self as the in-control, happy friend and neighbor.  The thing is that Lena didn’t really fool anyone. If she called a friend in the evening (but never too late in the evening) her words would be slightly slurred. Her demeanor during the day was always tensely casual and included a ‘generous’ offer to share a glass of wine before we go ‘do our thing together.’ Everyone knew Lena was a secret drinker and only Lena didn’t know every one knew. No one ever said anything. In spite of Lena’s perfect life it was lacking the most essential thing for happiness: a connection with her true self. This connection that comes with quiet reflection and a belief in one’s self is the core of happiness. It provides the spiritual inspiration and hope we all need to face life’s challenges. It provides an inner confidence and joy at just being. If Lena put more time and energy into seeking this priceless gift that she had all the time within herself she would never have to drink, never have to hide, but could be in joyful living.

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