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Aging Women Are Worthy

Are you a woman afraid of aging? If you are not you must be from another culture…maybe from another planet. From the time we can perceive the world outside of ourselves we have been given subtle and not-so-subtle messages that our worthiness, our desirability, our very value is defined by our age. Yes, we are encouraged to be and do other things but at some time we consciously or unconsciously realize we will eventually become invisible. And you know what? We contribute to it ourselves by acting out this attitude in our lives. Women, listen to me! This has got to stop! This is a call to action: say to yourself and to your women friends, “We are not defined by our age. We are not defined by how others see us. We are of immeasurable value because we exist.” The more you tell this to yourself the more you express this consciousness in all you do. You become the energy that invites to be seen in a culture where we must be seen…no matter what our age.

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