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Wonder of Green in Nature

beautiful girl lies in camomile daisy flower 3LHKSGL scaled

There is something about GREEN in nature that touches the spirit and opens us to the experience of wonder. All the varying shades embrace us with their quiet voices. Our wonder in the presence of green is a reflection of the wonder about the mystery of who we are. We are subtly reminded of our … Read more

The Light of Spirit

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Beauty can come from something simple. Like the surprisingly beautiful golden light reflected by the sun through this bottle you yourself are a container of light waiting to be reflected into your world…the minute you trust your are loved, worthy, and safe. When you surrender to these truths about yourself you become the expression of … Read more

Spiritual Warning

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Spiritual Warning: The higher you take yourself spiritually, the more the danger of being misunderstood, judged, even betrayed. Although you may feel compassion and love you can also feel alone and separate from those who do not aspire to connect with that which is the highest within themselves. This is a part of the journey…connecting … Read more