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San Diego And Encinitas Hypnotherapist Near Death Experience Description

As a therapist practicing psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas I often get asked what a near death experience is. This is an area of great interest to me and my studies. In the study of near death experiences it is necessary to have a clear description of what exactly it is. A near death experience or NDE can happen to individuals who are near death’s door or are clinically dead. Such individuals encounter an other-worldly or out-of-body experience ranging from rising up from and viewing their body and the immediate environment to finding themselves in a “heavenly” or “hellish” realm where they are given either unconditional love or experience terror. Whatever the experience those who have it return to tell of the lessons and wisdom learned during their visit to the “other side.” Typically in death the lack of oxygen to the brain can cause brain damage if denied for three to five minutes. But remarkably those who report having an NDE, even up to a reported hour of being clinically dead, return with no brain damage. On the contrary as Atwater in her book, The Big Book Of Near Death Experiences, claims, the brain is enhanced as a result of the experience. Also remarkably the experiencer can often describe happenings, conversations, and other pheromone that only one conscious and present could describe.

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