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How To Pick A Therapist: The Two Hour Session

Most therapists offer a one hour session, often in reality only fifty minutes in length. Anyone who has entered therapy has experienced how quickly an hour flits by. As a therapist I have also experienced frustration at the limitations of a one hour session. It seems that just as you are making some headway and real insight the session is over. For many years now I have offered two hour sessions, longer if the client desires or comes from out of town. Two hours allows time to accomplish more than double what a one hour session accomplishes. As a client you want to be able to just talk, to share your experiences, ask questions, gain insights, and, let’s face it, complain a bit about what’s happening in your life. So that first hour offers that opportunity. The second hour offers time for doing processes that allow you to have a real healing experience. Those processes may be hypnosis and suggestion, regression, emotional release processes, or other processes that offer the opportunity to gain deeper insight, understanding, and memory. Ask if your new therapist offers a two hour session. It’s a good thing.

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