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Misconceptions About Hypnosis And Beer By R.D. Cooper

If you read my articles about hypnosis you will see that I like to inject a little humor when possible. My mind sometimes makes interesting observations and correlations that I’m sure wouldn’t be obvious to others, and I admit, occasionally leaves loved ones just shaking their heads. Hypnotherapy is about “how we think”, accessing the subconscious mind and integrating information in a way that clears up concepts that may be clouded by a view that has simply been accepted without question.

Since hypnosis or hypnotherapy is still a healing modality that many have a difficult time wrapping their brains around and accepting, I thought I’d try to make my point by telling you about beer. Or more accurately—the container from which one enjoys the beverage. For the skeptics among you, may this open an eye; for the believers, maybe it’s just curious entertainment.

My mission is to make hypnotherapy more visible, and therefore available to those who can benefit. When we do something for a long enough time, it becomes a habit. When we think about anything in the same particular way because we’ve accepted it as belief, it’s still important to remain open to new information. “Questioning” is good.  Without the ability to remain open-minded, there would be no change. People basically don’t like change. We’re very resistant to it because we become comfortable doing things the way we know how—and it’s just automatic.

Awareness permits us to recognize that old habits may not serve our best interest. Understanding that behavior modification sometimes requires unlocking a block in the subconscious that could literally be imbedded since early childhood leads us to the one source with the capacity to facilitate that change—hypnotherapy.  Good positive affirmations may help, but if you find them temporary fixes, just realize that they haven’t addressed the core issue—the one you’re not even aware of. That’s because it’s beyond your awareness in the powerful program of the subconscious mind.

Where’s the beer?  Here’s my first theory: “If you drink beer and try many different kinds, you’re probably a good candidate for hypnosis.”  (Not because you drink; because you may be open to new things) There are many varieties of good beers, but most of us order the same brand. Why? Millions of dollars are invested by companies to tell you to do so. What we “know” is born of impressions. Before I go “off topic” being reminded now that “if you tell people a lie often enough, it will become a truth”, just please grasp the concept and remember that you have a powerful mind and can think for yourself.

Second Theory: If you have the choice, and your beer is available (1) Draft, (2) In a Bottle, and (3) In a Can … rank how you would prefer it. According to available data most will answer “1-2-3” in the order above. Now stick with me here. Play along. Second question: “If you’re buying a premium beer and it’s available in bottle or can, which do you buy?” That’s easy, in a bottle. “Good beer” isn’t even offered in cans; that’s for the mass-produced stuff. There are plenty of intelligent beer drinkers (assuming you’re also open to that possibility) who will say that beer in a bottle tastes way better than in a can.

Do you see how millions have just accepted the above as truth, and perpetuated the misperception? They’ll tell you they’d prefer draft, don’t like cans, and yet draft comes out of a keg—yep, a big can. Microbreweries are making a change from glass to aluminum for many legitimate reasons that you can read about in an article by A.P. writer Clarke Canfield. Hummm … Can field.

Just as stereotypes like John Belushi chugging cans in “Animal House” and smashing them on his forehead have influenced perception regarding cans, thoughts of stage hypnotist influence and subjects quacking like a duck, have created something accepted as “truth” which is far from it. Hypnosis is magical in that it unlocks the truth, and potential benefits are endless. If you’ve doubted, perhaps you should check out the upcoming episode about hypnosis on Dr. Oz. As in any professional service, practitioner ability varies. Many provide a free initial consultation which provides time to ask questions and determine if they’re a match for your needs. Expand your mind. Be well.

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