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Meaning of Human Life

Joseph Campbell may have approached his research objectively although he may have been driven by some unseen force within himself to find the hidden truths of life. As he studied the myths and symbols in various cultures and peoples he began to see not just similarities but a sameness in the stories, art, and customs. From these striking discoveries Campbell was able to see a reflection of the spiritual and psychological journey of the psyche. He saw that our journey as humans is not just a psychological maturing but a spiritual awakening from what he called our “animal selves” to compassion and wisdom. From this one could see that perhaps the meaning of human life is the opportunity for this psychological and spiritual journey. Campbell said that life in itself has no meaning beyond the continuation of itself. Perhaps he also meant that we are souls having incarnated into human life who can use this matrix of being alive to evolve toward our true destination of being at one. This implies that we are forms beyond our physical selves and that our psyches know this and speak of this knowingness in our myths, metaphors, and symbols. Joseph Campbell’s research has offered us hope and inspiration.

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