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Past Life Regression: Born with Talents Developed in Past Life

When Lona was born she was considered an unusual child. She walked early, spoke early, and generally learned quickly. But when Lona began to speak French in an English-only family she was considered beyond unusual. Some family members became afraid of her and in spite of their education considered her something of a “witch.” The fact is that Lona had just incarnated from a lifetime in France where she was curator of an art museum of some considerable repute. Lona’s language and knowledge of art became obvious as she grew. Fortunately for Lona her mother was a compassionate and open minded woman who suspected that perhaps Lona’s talents came from a life before her current life.  So her mother decided to brush up the French she had learned in high school and began to speak with Lona in French. When she brought Lona to a hypnotherapist’s office she was only seven years old and speaking French fluently with her mother. In the therapist’s discussion with Lona she described her life as a curator in Paris. She described the area in which she lived, the people she knew, and the work she did. Very quickly on the internet the therapist was able to identify certain names and places, even photographs Lona was able to identify. How did Lona have all this information and talent? Judge for yourself. But consider that much of what we have learned in a prior life can remain with us in our current life.

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